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This section helps you locate and download roofing and waterproofing technical documents for building submittal packages or marketing brochures and case studies.

On the top right of each page, you will see the “file cart” section. This is an optional tool to help you gather and download multiple documents at one time. Just “check” the box to the right of the file and click on the “add to file cart” button to add it to your cart (you can still open and download files individually by clicking on the “red” file hyperlink). Click on the “view/download” button to be taken to the documents download page.

For questions regarding using the document retrieval system please call 800-576-2358 and choose the region you are located in. For technical questions, please contact your local technical department. Location information can be found by clicking the “contact” link at the top of the page.

Be advised that your file decompression software, connection speed, system capability, and internet security settings may block or limit efficient, successful file access. If an issue occurs, either contact your own IT system Administrator for assistance; select fewer files; or open and save each file one at a time.

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